About Me

I used to work full-time in TV and Film as a production co-ordinator, then I became a mum.  That was in September 2008, and since then I’ve had a merry time juggling the demands of looking after my little girl with working from home – that would be script reading and all things script development related (I’m always happy to take on more work, so do get in touch!) and finally fulfilling that writing dream…the one that started about 10 years ago and then got shelved slightly in the pursuit of marriage, mortgage and motherhood.

Now I’m lucky enough to be working with a couple of very talented and creative friends, Al Rogers and Marcus English, to put together a body of short films.  “The Swimmer” is the most ambitious yet, due to the number of people required and the location demands of filming in a swimming pool.

It’s a great journey to be on, do pop in again to see how we’re doing – better still, support our need for funding by following the link to the website and ‘donating the price of a swim’ (£3) towards the cost of making the film.  All the details are on the site.


5 Responses to About Me

  1. Deer Baby says:

    Fascinating. I was a script editor at the BBC for quite a while, as well as a researcher, and a lot of my friends were either unit managers or assistant producers/production co-ordinators. I wonder if we know any of the same people. I’m guessing I’m quite a bit older than you so probably not! I’m writing a novel based on a film set.

    The Swimmer sounds a fascinating project.Can’t wait to see how it develops.

  2. It would be cool if we did. I first worked for BBC drama in 2004, would you have been there then?

    The novel sounds like a good project. How’s it going?

  3. Deer Baby says:

    Oh no I’d gone by then. I had a rather odd career. Trained as a journo, got sidetracked into television, became script editor, then moved across into the Arts Department. And ended up in mags at Worldwide!

    But your name does sound a little familiar.

    It’s going s-l-o-w-l-y. Thanks for asking. Need to knuckle down.

  4. Vegemitevix says:

    Um. I feel a wee bit shy about this but I have a brilliant based on true life experience idea, for a book and maybe a film. Who would I propose the idea to? Cheers Vx

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