Been a while…

Well, it’s been a while since I was last here. I keep starting posts and then losing my train of thought. It’s been a funny old month – but a good one.

In the spirit of adventure, I’ve climbed the Yorkshire 3 peaks, been on a more relaxing holiday and shot another short film – not The Swimmer, we have 2 months to go on that!. It would have been a good idea to blog about each of these things as they were happening, but there has been another factor at work here.

Baby 2 is on the way!

aka 'pickle', eta 28.01.11

To be honest, I’ve just not been able to write, and I’ve let that take over. I felt I had to wait until the scan to mention it on here, but then couldn’t write about anything else.

It’s a funny time. I feel I should be at my most creative, but actually, the eyelids start to feel heavy as the afternoon progresses and by 7pm I’m useless. Often I’m useless sometime before then, operating purely in auto-pilot, day-dreaming about sleeping. I just about create dinner, nevermind a well-articulated blog post. I sleep through my peak blogging and tweeting time, waking the next day, promising to try and write something – and so the cycle continues. I’m excited about ‘Pickle’, but I’m just not very good at being pregnant. I don’t make it look easy, and it doesn’t agree with me. I’m prone to awful morning sickness (does anyone know why the hell they call it ‘morning’ sickness???!!! – I feel a campaign is needed to have the name changed) and just want to hibernate.

I’m 14 weeks in so I imagine they’ll be a change soon. There wasn’t with Little One – that lasted 22 weeks, but this time it does feel different and more manageable. I remain optimistic.

And so I’m back. I think I needed to get over the hurdle of writing this post before going any further. I’ve been building a barrier, an irrational fear of returning to the blog and what to write, free-falling through cyberspace, but I think I’m on my way back. Feeling much more positive just by being here again. I’ve turned a corner – maybe I can trick the morning sickness into leaving early!

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5 Responses to Been a while…

  1. Ohhh congratulations lovely!! That’s exactly how I felt when I found I was pregnant – I couldn’t blog!! As for the sick 24-7 😉 it’s eased a lot over past 2-3 weeks- thank goodness! I’m nearly 16wks now

  2. Deer Baby says:

    Welcome back!! I knew your news so I thought as much but lovely to see the scan! I love scan pictures. So pleased for you.

    I tell you I was asleep all the time with my second. Always snoozing and felt like death so I admire you for even making it onto the computer.

    Hope the sickness goes soon.

  3. Congratulations! How exciting. Hope that sickness passes too x

  4. Congratulations! So exciting. Hope the all day (what is with the morning word?) sickness wears off very soon and that you get to do some of the blooming I keep hearing about 😉

  5. ella says:

    Congratulations, that’s such wonderful news!

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