Well, it’s been a busy couple of weeks, hence the lack of posts. I was going to tell you all about that as there’s been quite a lot going on, but feel i must mention the mummy blogging event of the century first: CyberMummy.

I’d been away from the laptop and blogosphere, so was completely behind on any plans to meet beforehand and the feeling of going was not unlike heading off for the first day at school. This continued when i got there and couldn’t find the right queue to stand in. Anyway, one name badge and a wonderfully huge bag of goodies later, i was in!

Oh, and the goodies were good. Friends will know i love a decent freebie, and there was pretty much everything, including some swim nappies – perfect for my little swim enthusiast! Had fun sorting through it all back at home.

A mark of the world we now live in, i suppose is that we know so much about each other’s lives but have never met, so it was fab to put faces to blogs. I spent most of the day with a heavily pregnant Nina, wondering if we were going to get to the end of the day without a baby being born. Special mention also to Jane, one half of twoambitiousmamas for good conversations and encouragement to grab more cake (all very important advice!) and to Ella as quite frankly, i don’t know what we would have done without you on the pub quiz!

So nice to have lots of encouragement on the Swimmer project from everyone and all in all a really encouraging day. What i imagine will be the first of many as mummy bloggers slowly head for world domination and maybe even start a political party…now there’s a thought.

Best bits? The keynote blog post readings didn’t leave a dry eye in the house – gosh what an emotional bunch! Also, i won a big voucher, which means my little lady is about to get spoilt with Leapfrog toys.

Regrets? Should have taken a bigger bag, with wheels, to get everything home afterwards.

Any other important tips? Maison Cupcake makes flippin’ good flapjacks!

Right, now for the job of visiting all those new blogs, and catching up on my own posts…

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3 Responses to CyberMummy

  1. Deer Baby says:

    It was lovely to meet you there. What a fab day.

  2. Vonnie says:

    It was brilliant wasn’t it? I’m SO GLAD Nina didn’t go into labour haha!

  3. It was a good day, and good to meet you. Hope to get to know you better online from now on 🙂

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