Spirit of the Brits

The optimism of this island and its inhabitants never fails to make me feel proud. We may moan about the job scene, the increasingly desperate state of the housing market, the tories, the weather, but that never stops us getting out there, and showing that underneath all this moaning is a resilience and optimism that has kept us strong.

Picture the scene, if you will: the beautiful Norfolk coast on a bank holiday, crowds of holiday-makers and day-trippers pouring into the little coastal port of Wells. The family and I were amongst them.

After a pleasant ramble around the town, complete with a quick run for shelter from a passing storm, we’d headed for the beach. We were on holiday, after all, a passing torrent of rain wasn’t going to stop us. The way to the beach involved a fair walk along a path by the side of the harbour. It took a good 20 minutes, but finally we were greeted with an incredibly pretty scene of multi-coloured beach huts, pebbles leading out to softer sands and the sea.

We played. Little one had a great deal of fun digging in the sands and little one and her daddy had even more fun watching me run around after various items that were blowing free from the pram. Did i mention the summer breeze (think gale) that had blown us there?

Then we heard it. The unmistakeable crack of thunder. “It’s a way off”, “It’ll never get here”. We stood our ground, along with most of the other families there. Another crack. “Hmm, ok. Maybe we should start to head back.” We could see a few others were thinking the same. We dragged the pram to the edge and got back onto the path. I should mention perhaps, that this was a very exposed path, fairly high up and with absolutely no shelter.

If you looked up, you could see the black clouds quickly over-taking the fluffy white ones. The storm was definitely heading inland. We picked up pace as another crack was heard.

Now, the thing about this path, was that as far as I could see, it didn’t go anywhere else but the beach, yet there were as many people headed up it as there were running down. Armed with picnics, windbreaks, tents, buckets, spades and determination people were still heading to the beach. No thunder storm was going to stop them.

I loved the optimism, the strength of character exhibited on that path that day. It’s one that many British filmmakers have in order to get anywhere. Yes, i know it looks fairly diabolical out there, but we’re not giving up. We have a film to make and that’s what we’ll do!

Seconds later, we got absolutely, totally, completely drenched.

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One Response to Spirit of the Brits

  1. Deer Baby says:

    That’s the Brits for you! Always making the best of things!

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