Night at Bafta

Some days, you just can’t complain.

Yes, it was another day of play-dough, activities, play dates and general mess with a frantic hour of blogging/tweeting/emailing over the lunchtime nap, pretty much as any other, but then i got to dress up and go to a film screening at Bafta.

The film was “Bad Day” and stars Claire Goose, Donna Air, Sarah Harding and a good friend of mine, Riana Husselmann. She plays the baddie! Always the fun role – and she’s great in it by the way. (No I’m not biased, watch it and judge for yourself).

It’s a ‘Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels’ type affair, but made with a budget of £40,000. The screening was to mark it’s release onto DVD. As you can imagine, there’s nothing left for publicising the film, so i’m trying to do my bit here.

A high-action crime thriller that takes place over 24 hours. Undercover agent of fictional organisation, Organised Crime Division, Rebecca Ryan (Claire Goose), is out for revenge when her daughter is shot. Her hunt leads her through the seedy crime underworld of London and it falls to wise, world-weary OCD agent Darius Cruise (Anthony Ofoegbu) to track her down with newly assigned assistant, Abby Barrett (Donna Air). They need to move quickly as things spiral out of control and the line between right and wrong starts to blur.

It was written and directed by Indie British Filmmaker, Ian David Diaz, and is his fourth feature. There’s plenty of good ideas in this script and some nice one liners, and Diaz has been resourceful with his meagre budget. There’s a lot of strong female characters which makes this film stand out from the usual male worlds of these stories, where us ladies are generally used to decorate a few scenes in the role of a mistress. Here, the mistress character is played by Sarah Harding.

However, this is still a very male film, and I suspect Diaz had a great time making it. There’s lots of girls fighting, shoot-outs, and graphic deaths. There are some warmer moments with Goose’s character, but generally this is a hard, violent world where anything can and does happen.

BUT, there is one big problem with the film and that is the script and it’s a real shame that time and money wasn’t spent developing this further. It’s never going to be easy to shoot a film on £40,000, but a good script will carry you far. Bad Day shows a lot of promise with some good ideas but ultimately suffers from too much dialogue; long scenes of exposition (biz word for scenes telling the backstory) make it too static in parts, and at times it is often still hard to keep up with what’s going on.

Having said that, go and watch the DVD, (its widely available, including lovefilm) as the moments when it succeeds are a testament to the struggle of a hard-working, persevering filmmaker.

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7 Responses to Night at Bafta

  1. Deer Baby says:

    Sounds good. I like Claire Goose in most things. Didn’t know Donna Air had turned her hand to acting. Just to go out and go to Bafta takes me back……Lucky you.

  2. I think there are many big budget films which are simply rubbish; I definitely don’t think it matters how much or how little you spend on a production. If the right cast are there and the script is good then it will be a success.

    CJ xx

  3. Bill Hillman says:

    Just brought it, after watching this film and have to say I enjoyed it a lot. I must say I didn’t think the script was that bad, it was very US cop movie like and I guess that was the point. Nice twist at the ending.

  4. Adam Hall says:

    Hmmmm, I actually thought it was rather good, didn’t think there was too much dialogue nor long scenes of exposition, loved the fight between Claire Goose and Donna Air. I’m a big fan of Claire Goose and if it wasn’t her I would have never brought this movie. I thought Donna Air was a bit wooden though but she very sexy so I just went with it LOL!

  5. Brilliant! Glad you enjoyed it. It was the scenes in the car i felt needed tightening. However, there are many successes here, and the best thing you can do is spread the word! Can it find a cult following?

  6. Riana says:


    Firstly, thanks for making time in your hectic “working mum” schedule to come and watch Bad Day… secondly thanks for the posting and also to all those who commented so far! It’s always good to read peoples opinion (good or bad). From my side, I loved making the film and given another chance I’d definitely play Marla McCann again – brilliant character to play. Just hope Ian gets the break he deserves!

    Now, time to focus on The Swimmer…. wishing it all the very best. Watch this space as they say.

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