Yummy Mummy in Nappy Valley

Well, taking a break from the ‘search for a place to swim’ exercise, I thought I’d tell you all about my lovely morning out, yesterday. In fact the whole day and evening were incredibly nice and sociable which is why I’m only just writing about it now.

Living in Nappy Valley (non-local readers – that’s the nickname for Wandsworth), I often use our very own cyber centre for all things parenting related at nappyvalleynet.com.

The lovely Annabel over at NV HQ takes good care of us and often organises mummy meet-ups. Now, I’ve never been to one of these before, but I decided to be brave! And I’m so glad I did.

We met at the family-friendly Scoffers. Another first for me, but after sampling their cakes and hospitality, I’ll be booking a babysitter to go back with OH and sample the evening menu soon.

One thing that I love to be reminded of at these things is how entrepreneurial and clever us mummies are. I met many mums going back to or already working and juggling it all, but also there are lots of mums starting out with their own businesses. The NV website was the brainchild of busy mum, ‘Annabel’, but also I met Sophie, who’s starting a mobile hairdressing business (think child-friendly, designer and chic).

For me the main challenge with starting out on your own, is that it’s not enough just to be an expert in your field, you’re suddenly faced with the problems of trying to build the online branding and PR side of everything, and it’s comforting to know others feel the same.

When I finished the script for the short, as well as the obvious support of the filmmaking team, and an amazing OH (who built the website), I have had so much help from the many women I see in my day to day life. Most of them are mums with their own businesses or ideas for businesses. They have been brilliant with suggestions and support for the project, and this seems like a good time to mention Vicky and Beanie for your great ideas, Emma for encouragement, wine and online help, Bunny for constant support and supply of props, Bec, Sarah, Karen, Lia, Anna, Anna, Anna (popular name) Elaine and Sophie, for listening and recently Erin, for being such a blog expert.

There are oodles of great dads out there as well. I don’t mean to exclude you, it’s just that I’ve benefited from a big community of mums. If any of you are reading, I would love to hear about your experiences of juggling work/fulltime dad. Have you found the same support?

There are so many homes run and prams pushed by clever, resourceful and entrepreneurial brains. So, I think it’s fine to take a day off every now and then and devote it to coffee, cake and catching up, because often, that’s where the best ideas are born.

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One Response to Yummy Mummy in Nappy Valley

  1. Emma says:

    So, I think it’s fine to take a day off every now and then and devote it to coffee, cake <<< Your my new best friend!! 😉

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