A simple swim – next attempt

Well, I’m sure you’ve all been dying to know what happened next! Was that the end of my quest for exercise? Will I now stick to writing and only writing, and never leave the house again?

Well, the minute I got in the water, all was forgotten. I do enjoy swimming, and it always has a good effect on my spirits. The pool was a tad crowded, but I managed 30 lengths, before giving up altogether. Still a long way to go till the 50 lengths required for a mile but it’s a start.

Week 2:
“You need to get here earlier”, regular readers will recall the advice given from the receptionist at Wimbledon in my last post. So, the next week, feeling much more positive about nailing this bizarrely complicated process of swimming on a Saturday morning, I left, bound for Wimbledon. It was about 08:20, so I was in for 08:45.

Early enough or so I thought….

There I was, merrily swimming backstroke with a few other keen swimmers early on a Saturday morning. I noticed the pool emptying. Brilliant, I thought, this really is a great time to come along. Cracked it!

My arm went back and hit a rope. Strange. I looked to see that the end of the pool had been cordoned off. Lessons started at 0900. Resisted the urge to weep and carried on. So much trickier when you have to turn around without pushing off from the wall. I stopped counting lengths, another doomed attempt to reach my mile.

Next time I looked up, a side of the pool had also been roped off for a lesson. I felt like I was swimming in a box that was getting smaller and smaller. Soon I’d be swimming circles inside a small square.

We carried on, us ‘serious’ swimmers, who had clearly failed to be ‘serious’ enough to get there in time for a proper uninterrupted swim.

Added to the general restricted space, was an elderly gentleman. I recognised him from the week before, swimming diagonally, lengthways, widthways, and just generally floating. You know the character. They’re at every pool, and we’ve met them before.

I was going to give up, when suddenly I hit the wall again. The ropes had gone, we were free from confinement! Brilliant, except that now it seemed to be official family time. I stuck it out for a couple more lengths and left before being dive-bombed by a toddler or unwittingly swimming into one.

Ok, slightly better than last week, but the weekly swim strategy still needs tweaking! Why is this so difficult?! No wonder there’s an obesity problem – we need more swimming pools for actual swimming. Now there’s an idea.

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7 Responses to A simple swim – next attempt

  1. No wonder there’s an obesity problem – love it!!! You managed to get in the water though! It is so annoying when the ropes come out isn’t it.

    CJ xx

  2. How ironic that you’re writing about swimming – I rang our local pool today to see if they’d any mother toddler classes, guess what they’ve a waiting list of at least a year! Lucky she’s only one, so there’s no rush but still it’s madness.
    Good Luck with it x

  3. Thank you. This has become my obsession. It shouldn’t be so difficult! A year – that’s one of the worst cases i’ve heard of yet!

  4. I developed a recent irrational fear of swimming pools after an over-zealous pool-man at our holiday villa in Cyrpus last year emptied 20 zillion gallons of chlorine in the water. After 10 minutes my hair and turned khaki green and I spent the remainder of the holiday in local hairdressers and weeply very loudly in my bedroom….As delightful as your early morning dip sounds, I’m gonna leave it to all those toddlers and pre-schoolers…

  5. Wow, that’s a scary story. How long did it take your hair to recover?

  6. janettab says:

    we’re hitting Guildford Lido this morning, we could be bonkers but are counting on getting in a swim before the place fills up with happy families and lively youngsters. Late yesterday afternoon worked well, no problems parking, plenty of swimming room even though the place was busy, we hope our 10am morning gamble today is as lucky.

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