Composer needed

Hello out there!

Spot of business, I need some help with:

We need a composer for a short film we have in post-production. It’s a comedy and is approx 2’30 mins long. We have an idea of the sound we want.

I’m afraid its unpaid, but this is a good opportunity for someone looking to build up credits and contacts.

So get in touch, either by posting a comment below or email us:

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3 Responses to Composer needed

  1. janettab says:

    I’ll put a request on the guildfordlido site, who knows, we do have a remarkably ecelctic group of supporters and I know there is at least one composer/musician in the ranks who may have some leads

  2. Thanks! We’ve got quite a lot on the go, so good to get more names to call upon.

  3. Hi, I have tried to contact you through the Lido facebook page but then found this thread so thought I would try here to. I am a composer and may be able to provide what you’re after have a look at my website for examples of my work.


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