Back from Easter Hols

Well, the family and I have returned from the north-west, rested and relaxed – there’s more babysitters up there and so life is so much simpler! Happily the snow thawed and the sun paid us a visit – yep sometimes it does visit Manchester. But now, it’s back to life in London and getting this film made.

Just to give you an update, we have been searching for a location for the film for sometime. The big problem is that they are expensive and in short supply, but all is not lost and we are hopeful of finding a solution soon. Being a short film, we will be heavily reliant on favours, but even so this will be an expensive project – filming for two days in water comes at a price, and so we need to spread the word.

We need your help, to support us. Donate the price of a swim and tell your friends: you will be credited as a supporter of the film and will be the first to hear when we are looking for extras. Once the film is made, you will be invited to screenings of the film, and we will keep in touch with its progress.

Now the sun has started to shine, lido season is approaching. It will be fantastic to pay homage to the world of outdoor swimming through our film. We hope you will come aboard and join us!

To donate or find out more, please visit:

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